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PowerPoint 2016


Become a Microsoft Project 2016 expert with this easy to follow course featuring 53 professionally produced videos.

  • Practice what you learned with included exercise files
  • Detailed easy instruction to master MS Project 2016
  • A full 9 hours of professional video instruction
  • 53 easy to follow how-to videos
  • Everything explained step-by-step for quick comprehension
  • Complete project management software at the advanced level
  • The next step after completing Microsoft Project 2016 for Beginners
  • Enables you to complete projects on time and under budget
  • Increase your value at work
  • Starts with basic advanced features
  • Progresses logically from beginning advanced to complex
  • Learn to effectively split projects into sub-projects
  • Discover how to manage cost rate changes
  • Know how to import and exporting of project data
  • Learn effective use of budgets and tracking costs
  • Discover how to consolidate multiple projects

Got a lot of things going on at work, in your small business, or with personal projects? This is the ultimate software for getting your team organized and highly productive. MS Project was originally used to help Microsoft manage a huge number of software development projects in the 1980s when they were leading the tech world.

The application has steadily progressed to become the mammoth of project management it is today. A high level of expertise in the latest edition of MS Project is very valuable in the workplace or to run your own business.

The is the logical and very beneficial next step for anyone who has already completed Microsoft Project Beginner. Now you tackle the advanced aspects of Project 2016 with this easy to follow 9-hour course. The 53 videos were produced by a top team with years of experience making software training easy and interesting to follow.

This course starts with more basic advanced features and actions, then logically progresses to much more advanced features. Become a valuable MS Project 2016 expert.

Contents and Overview

Even difficult features and activities are made easy. This course keeps things understandable and logical to follow. It starts with an overview of the course structure and how to get the most out of the training.

Chapter 2 launches into Consolidation and Resource Sharing giving you advanced insight in how to create efficiency with staff and materials. This is often where major savings begin for a business or organization using Project.

Chapter 3 shows you how to set up reoccurring tasks to save lots of time and effort. Chapter 4 instructs how to set up custom fields, an advanced activity that lets you customize Project for your company or project.

Chapter 5 delves into Outline Codes and WBS codes. It's important to note each chapter is concluded with an exercise. This gives the student practice at applying concepts and actions in real life type situations.

Chapter 6 lets you master all advanced aspects of the Costs section of Project 2016. There you can control cost across multiple projects to bring them all in under budget.

Subsequent chapters show you how to customize a number of aspects of Project, create a variety of helpful reports, and how to use macros the speed up use.



Included Modules

Chapter 1: Welcome and Overview***

Chapter 1: New Features in PowerPoint 2016

Chapter 1: New features in PowerPoint 2016 for MAC

Chapter 2: Navigate a PowerPoint Presentation

Chapter 2: Overview of the Desktop Screen and Views

Chapter 2: Exercise 01

Chapter 3: Presentation Tips and Guidelines

Chapter 3: Creating a New Presentation

Chapter 3: Working with Slides

Chapter 3: Saving a Presentation

Chapter 3: Exercise 02

Chapter 4: Formatting Text

Chapter 4: Working with Bullets

Chapter 4: Exercise 03

Chapter 5: Inserting Shapes

Chapter 5: Inserting Graphics

Chapter 5: Inserting Pictures

Chapter 5: Exercise 04

Chapter 6: Selecting Objects

Chapter 6: Editing Objects***

Chapter 6: Formatting Objects - Part 1

Chapter 3: Formatting Objects - Part 2

Chapter 6: Arranging Objects

Chapter 6: Grouping Objects

Chapter 6: Exercise 05

Chapter 7: Picture Options

Chapter 7: Cropping Pictures

Chapter 7: Formatting Pictures**

Chapter 7: Things You Can Do with Pictures

Chapter 7: Exercise 06

Chapter 8: Creating SmartArt

Chapter 8: Modifying SmartArt

Chapter 8: Writing Math Equations

Chapter 8: Exercise 07

Chapter 9: Creating Tables

Chapter 9: Formatting Tables

Chapter 9: Inserting Tables

Chapter 9: Exercise 08

Chapter 10: Adding Charts

Chapter 10: Formatting Charts

Chapter 10: Inserting Charts from MS Excel

Chapter 10: Exercise 09

Chapter 11: Using Masters

Chapter 11: Changing Master Slides

Chapter 11: Creating a New Master Design Template

Chapter 11: Exercise 10

Chapter 12: Adding Video to a Presentation

Chapter 12: Adding Audio to a Presentation**

Chapter 12: Exercise 11**

Chapter 13: Applying Transitions

Chapter 13: Transition Options

Chapter 13: Exercise 12

Chapter 14: Animating an Object

Chapter 14: Effect Options

Chapter 14: Working with the Animation Pane

Chapter 14: Motion Paths

Chapter 14: Triggers

Chapter 14: Exercise 13

Chapter 15: Working with Action Buttons

Chapter 15: Working with Hyperlinks

Chapter 15: Exercise 14

Chapter 16: Onscreen Presentation Options

Chapter 16: Hiding Slides

Chapter 16: Changing the Order of Slides

Chapter 16: Copying Slides

Chapter 16: Slideshow Options

Chapter 16: Exercise 15

Chapter 17: Rehearse Timings

Chapter 17: Recording a Presentation

Chapter 17: Slide Show Settings

Chapter 17: Creating a Custom Slide Show

Chapter 17: Exercise 16

Chapter 18: Exporting Options

Chapter 18: Working with the Backstage View & Customization Options

Chapter 18: Customizing the Ribbon

Chapter 18: Printing a Presentation

Chapter 18: Exercise 17

Chapter 19: Conclusion