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Excel Intermediate 2016


Master such important topics as Charts and Graphs, Working With Data, Dynamic Formula,and Named Ranges.

  • Picks up where the beginning course left off
  • More advanced mastery of Excel
  • Perfect for advancing at work
  • A full 4.5 hours of expert instruction
  • Big 39 individual Video Tutorials
  • Easy to follow instruction shows you how
  • Step by step tutorials are easy to understand
  • More advanced use of working with data
  • Mastery of charts and graphs
  • Covers Dynamic Formula and Named Ranges
  • Hours of fun for anyone interested in Excel
  • Helps you become an Excel power user
  • Practice what you learned with included exercise files

Learn Excel 2016 Intermediate takes you well beyond the beginner stage to become an Excelpower user. Now you can possess the more advanced skills thatwill set you apart from others.The course consists of 39 individual Video Tutorials that last a full 4.5 hours.

Work at your own pace and take as much time as you need. This lets you fit the course workwith your work schedule and life. Or speed throughthe course to give yourself crash mastery.

This Intermediate level course gives you the additional advanced skills you need to becomemore valuable at work. Also perform more impressive duties in your own business, forvolunteer work, or to augment fun hobbies.

Excel is part of the MS Office package that is used in business everywhere in the world. Nowyou have access to a step-by-step course that empowers you to become an impressive Excelpower user.

Instruction is professionally produced for clarity and ease of learning. Each process isexplained in detail with lots of illustration. Step by step instruction makes functions easy tounderstand and remember.

Contents and Overview

Learn Excel 2016 Intermediate starts where the beginning Excel course concluded.Thiscourse gives you more advanced mastery of working with Excel. Rather than being limited to afew functions, this Intermediate course lets you go much deeper into the remarkable powerand functionality of MS Excel.

The course starts by explaining terminology, tips and tricks in the ribbon, hotkeys, and definingyour Excel view. This approach to the beginning gets learners off on the right foot. You gain abetter understanding of finding your way around Excel.

The next few chapters present interesting video tutorials that fully explain Indexing andLookups. The various functions are illustrated and discussed and case study lookups areexplored.

Additional chapters talk about intermediate creation of charts and graphs and working withdata. DataTables, Data Slicers, Pivot Tables and much more.

Video lengths range from around 3 minutes to 11 minutes. This lets you learn in smallmanageable blocks that can be studied around a busy schedule.

Practice what you learned with included exercise files.


Included Modules

Chapter 1: Course Introduction**

Chapter 1: Reviewing Excel Terminology

Chapter 1: Tips and Tricks in the Ribbon

Chapter 1: Escaping the "Mouse"-Trap

Chapter 1: Common Hotkeys

Chapter 1: Special Hotkey Commands

Chapter 1: Defining Your Excel View

Chapter 2: Defining Lookups and Arrays

Chapter 2: Using MATCH

Chapter 2: Using INDEX**

Chapter 2: Mixing LOOKUPS, INDEX, and MATCH

Chapter 3: What is important to you?

Chapter 3: Simple and Quick Name Definitions

Chapter 3: Accessing and Using the Name Manager

Chapter 3: What can Names do?

Chapter 4: What is a Reference?

Chapter 4: Using Indirect

Chapter 4: Using Offset

Chapter 4: Using Row, Column, and Cell

Chapter 4: Creating Dynamic Named Ranges

Chapter 4: Best Practices Regarding Dynamic Functions

Chapter 5: Charts and Graphs Terminology

Chapter 5: Line, Scatter, and Bar Charts**

Chapter 5: Radar and Surface Plots

Chapter 5: Waterfall, Pie, and Sunburst Charts

Chapter 5: The Box and Whisper Plot and Histograms (Statistical)

Chapter 5: Chart Formatting In Detail

Chapter 5: Mixing Chart Types**

Chapter 5: The Bing Maps App

Chapter 6: How Do You Know If You're Working With Data?

Chapter 6: Introducing DataTables

Chapter 6: Excel Data Model Relationships

Chapter 6: Data Slicers

Chapter 6: PivotTables

Chapter 6: Power Query / Get And Transform

Chapter 6: Pivot Charts

Chapter 6: The GETPIVOTDATA Function

Chapter 6: Course Conclusion